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Ayurvedic know-how runs through our veins. Just ask our founder, Siddhesh Sharma. The now President of Ayurveda giant Baidyanath, Siddhesh has taken his years of learning and experience and applied them to our company, Naturedge Beverages.

At Naturedge Beverages, we leverage the goodness of Ayurveda for the modern-day lifestyle. Using age-old ingredients, with state of the art science and technology, we create products that are revolutionising the beverage market in India. Products that are completely healthy, unbelievably tasty and totally pure.




To create genuinely good products with the best possible ingredients, and designed in a format that fits perfectly into your fast-paced life.



We know you. Better still, we get you. Each of our products is the result of astute insights into senior-millennial lifestyles and mindsets. We also know the wide gaps between what health drinks promise you, and what they actually give you. To tell you the truth, the truth isn’t pleasant. But that’s about to change.



We live & breathe innovation. Primarily because we have unique access to the finest innovation centres for R&D in Ayurveda. Blend in the best of manufacturing facilities and you know that our all-herbal infusions will meet the toughest industry standards. And yours.



When it comes to herbs, we are naturals. Distilling all the expertise of Baidyanath, honed over the 100 years of being in the Ayurveda domain, Naturedge is best poised to create and give you uncompromisingly-good herbal drinks.


Zeros get a bad rap, but they’re a big deal in our universe. As the world has gotten more conscious about health, fitness and a happier lifestyle, we’re constantly looking for something that’s healthy without compromising on flavour. After years of R&D and months of tasting, tweaking, and re-tasting, we’re proud to finally bring you Shunya.

Our super herb-infused drinks and fizzy beverages contain zero calories, zero sugar, zero artificial sweeteners and are power packed with vitamins, electrolytes and natural antioxidants. They’re feel-good. They’re great taste. They’re guilt-free. From active hydration, to impossibly good fizz, we’ve found the recipe for great health and greater taste.


At Shunya, we pride ourselves on offering quality, without compromise. That’s why we’ve spent the better part of 5 years conducting extensive R&D and collaborating with leading innovation centres across the world to bring you the healthiest, tastiest beverages around. And our certifications tell our story.