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Shunya Fizz Combo - Classic Cola and Lime & Lemon

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We got rid of all the bad, but kept all the fizz and flavour. Every can of Shunya Fizz Classic Cola gives you the unbeatable flavour of Cola with unbelievable goodness.

It’s guilt-free fizz with 0 calories, 0 sugar and 0 artificial sweeteners. That means no aspartame unlike the other zero calorie drinks and none of its negative impacts! Being guilt-free also means no preservatives and no artificial flavours. So, every time you’re drinking Shunya Fizz, you know you’re choosing better.

We cut out the caffeine and brought in Ashwagandha instead – a super herb that boosts energy and releases stress. To make things better still, every can of Shunya Fizz gives you an immunity boost with a generous dose of antioxidants and a whole lot of Vitamin C (50% of your Recommended Daily Allowance).

Shunya Fizz is also clinically proven to be safe for kids and diabetics as it is completely sugar-free and is naturally sweetened with stevia. It fits perfectly into keto diets and vegans can enjoy this fizzy cold drink completely guilt-free too.


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Clinically Proven To Be Safe And Healthy For Diabetics

Safe For Kids

Clinically Proven To Be Safe And Healthy For Kids


0 Calorie. 0 Sugar. Fits Right In Your Diet


No Animal Products Used. All Green, End To End


At Shunya, we pride ourselves on offering quality, without compromise. That’s why we’ve spent the better part of 5 years conducting extensive R&D and collaborating with leading innovation centres across the world to bring you the healthiest, tastiest beverages around. And our certifications tell our story.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Shunya different from other beverage brands?

Shunya is the only brand in India to offer herb-infused beverages that have zero calories, zero sugar, zero artificial sweeteners and zero preservatives. And our drinks are additionally enriched with vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants. Unlike other beverage brands, we don't believe in the philosophy of "easy to make, easy to produce". We've taken up the challenge of your health, and we take it very seriously. So we spent 5 years conducting extensive R&D and collaborated with various beverage innovation centres around the world to bring you the healthiest tastiest beverages you can find.

What kind of sweeteners are used in the making of Shunya Drinks?

We can proudly say that Shunya drinks are 100% naturally sweetened with stevia. Sugar and artificial sweeteners like aspartame are cheaper, easily available and commonly used in your everyday beverages, but they are extremely detrimental to your health. That's why we've imported the world's best grade stevia to naturally sweeten our beverages with.

There are other brands that offer stevia sweetened beverages, why choose Shunya?

The stevia we use in our beverages is sourced from PureCircle, the leading producer and innovator of stevia in the world. But there’s more! Apart from being free from calories, sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, Shunya drinks are also enriched with the finest quality super herbs; electrolytes like Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc; vitamins sourced from leading institutes in Switzerland; and Himalayan Pink Salt that has 84 trace minerals. So you aren't just sipping on a tasty beverage, you're nourishing your body with the goodness it needs.

Are all Shunya beverages safe for diabetics and children?

All our drinks are made with the highest-grade Stevia in the world, and are completely caffeine free. And since they are also made with zero calories, zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners, they are clinically proven to be safe & healthy for diabetics and kids. Additionally, they fit perfectly into keto diets and vegans can enjoy our drinks completely guilt-free too.

What kind of preservative are used in Shunya Drinks range?

All our drinks are made with zero preservatives, additives, artificial colours or artificial flavours.